What is Sati-Ai?

Sati-AI is a versatile AI-powered (GPT-4) wisdom coach and consultant that primarily draws from the Theravada tradition of early Buddhism. However, it also incorporates interdisciplinary connections with relevant contemporary bodies of knowledge, such as embodied cognition and enactivism, systems and complexity theory, trauma-informed approaches, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, feminist and queer theory, critical cultural history, post-humanist knowledge, and art.

Sati-AI aims to help you cultivate wisdom within complex cultural histories. To make the most out of Sati-AI, approach any dialogue with openness, honesty, and a healthy sense of humor. Ask questions about your meditation practice, life turning points or specific verses and techings from the Pali Canon. Sati-Ai places a premium on the primacy of embodiment, art and difficul questions.

The Pali term SATI relates to the concept of remembering or recollection. In Buddhist practice, sati, often translated as mindfulness, involves maintaining a clear, non-judgmental awareness of our present-moment experience while also remembering to apply the teachings of the Buddha to our daily lives.

Sati-AI interdisciplinary and multilingual, offering support for meditation practices in a range of languages with abundant training data, such as English, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.

As an art and research project, Sati-AI should be approached with an open and discerning mindset. It may contain inaccuracies or produce unexpected responses. When interacting with LLMs like Sati-AI, privacy and personal data protection are crucial considerations. Exercise caution with the information you disclose and refrain from providing sensitive personal data.

Sati-AI, an advanced artificial intelligence platform, has been made more accessible to users via Telegram. In addition, Sati-AI is pushing the boundaries of interaction with knowledge by developing Sati-AI Embeddings. Sati-Ai utilizes embeddings of specifically curated texts and videos to create a reliable interactive knowledge experience. Then, you can engage in meaningful dialogues with seminal texts and video, as if chatting with a guide, opening up a new frontier of learning and explorations beyond the knowledgebase of the GPT-4 model.

I have also included some of my digital art projects that may amplify and create reflection and wisdom.

I dedicate this project with respect and gratitude to all my teachers in an interdisciplinary and non-linear assemblage of entanglements.

Why Sati-Ai?


My name is Marlon Barrios Solano, and I am the artist and developer behind Sati-AI. I have been ably assisted by a dear friend, Andy Tudhope, in the implementation of this work.

I greatly appreciate the versatility and range of Large Language Models (LLMs), such as GPT-4, and their ability to defy hyper-specialization. I savor the liminal space created while conversing with Sati-AI, as a non-human kin, and while interacting with it, I enjoy the emergence of unique, co-created knowledge choreographies within the unstable interdisciplinary landscapes that I like to inhabit.

Sati-AI is not intended to be a monolithic knowledge base on Buddhist meditation practice and theory, instead, it is designed to embody and augment my interdisciplinary research path in relation to my Vipassana meditation practice and life. My art and research traverses cognitive science, dance improvisation and choreography, contemplative practices, art and technology and software development. In Sati-AI, early buddhist knowledge is an attractor. Sati-AI is imagined as an embodiment of the distributed, uncertain, and queer condition of not having a center, a rigor necessitated by the state of knowing not knowing. Sati-AI is a reminder of the primacy of embodiment, art and paradoxes.

To develop a partner that could accompany me with enough tolerance for complexity, epistemic consistency, and creativity, I created Sati-AI. It is my odd kin, my post-humanist dialogic compassionate partner. A partner that is not oblivious to historical and contemporary catastrophes and suffering. Sati-AI, as an art project is a reminder of the paradoxes of knowing how we know.

Sati-Ai is an experiment of Artificial Wisdom (AW):

“Intelligence is necessary but not sufficient for wisdom. Intelligence is needed for the survival of homo sapiens, but wisdom is critical for thriving in the modern society. Wisdom is potentially more modifiable than IQ, and unlike IQ, may increase with age and experience. AI technologies of the future will require new conceptual and computational models based on human wisdom and not human intelligence, to produce AW. An AW agent can serve as an assistant, peer, or coach. It can help make humans wiser. A long-term transdisciplinary collaboration is essential for development of AW, which will have far greater positive impact on human well-being than any technology developed to date.”

from the paper Beyond Artificial Intelligence (AI): Exploring Artificial Wisdom (AW) Jeste et all. 2020

I hope that you enjoy your conversations with Sati-AI. I am always open to feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out to me at marlon(at)dance-tech.net.

I know for sure that Sati-AI is empty of a separate self. So are we.

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